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In this Unit you will learn the most famous composers in classical music and the periods. (En esta unidad vais a aprender los compositores más famosos de la música clásica y sus estapas). There is one sentence that sums up the classical music: ¡Vamo’ a ve’! ¡Barre con clase Romeo Va’ Mo’ Ve’ Bach Mozart …

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Hello everybody! Those are the concepts you must know. Hola a todos/as, estos son los conceptos que debéis aprender!

Partitura Tamborradas

Iriyarena Hello everybody! Here you can see the score (partitura) of the song we listened to in class so that you can practise it whenever you want!

A capella

Hello everybody! You know that somebody is singing a capella when he/she sings without any music, just her/his voice. It could also be a group of people.

Pequeá serenata nocturna – Mozart

Hello everybody, I upload this song so that you can hear it whenever you want.


It’s the difference between high-pitched and low-pitched sounds. For example, the difference between the meow of a cat (high-pitched) and the roar of a lion (low-pitched). Es la diferencia entre los sonidos agudos y graves. Por ejemplo, la diferencia entre el maullido de un gato (agudo) y el rugido de un león (grave). In music, …

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Jean-Joseph Mouret: Rondeau from Suite de Symphonies

SOUND QUALITIES: Intensity (Intensidad musical)

Intensity differs loud sounds from soft sounds. For example, the difference between a plane taking off (loud) and the sound of the wind (soft). La intensidad musical diferencia los sonidos fuertes de los sonidos suaves. Por ejemplo, la diferencia entre el sonido que hace un avión al despegar (fuerte) y el sonido del viento (suave). …

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Music 6º

Welcome everybody! As you know, this year I am going to be your music teacher. We are going to use this blog so that you can revise all the contents we study in class whenever you want. ¡Bienvenidos/as a todos/as! Como ya sabéis, este año voy a ser vuestro profesor de música. Usaremos este blog …

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